Our hotel is located at 11 Place des Droits de l’Homme in Laon.

You can access it by train (the train station is right next to the hotel) or by car (public parking is available).

Hotel du Tramway is located:
• 30 minutes from Reims
• 1 hour 30 minutes from Paris
• 2 hours from Brussels
• 2 hours from London

What to do

in Laon

Laon is classified as a city of art and history. This is fully justified considering the number of remarkable buildings and sites in the municipality, particularly on the Montagne de Laon (Laon Mountain). It is nicknamed « The Crowned Mountain. » Among the most notable monuments are:

  • The Gothic-style Notre-Dame Cathedral, which overlooks the hill, the city, and its ramparts.
  • The Episcopal Palace located immediately north of the cathedral.
  • The ramparts of Laon with its gates and towers.

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